BTC Chimera MK. II FET - for Version 2 mechboxes

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It's a fairly amazing piece of kit.

The product description and the website describe what it does in very great detail.

I'm currently running two of them in my guns, and I love it.

It's got great trigger response, especially when you combine it with deans connection (included in the box along with Tamia connectors) and high discharge battery. It's like clicking a mouse. There is no resistance that you'd feel with the traditional gate switch, as the only spring you're 'overpowering' is the trigger spring itself.

It lends itself really well to semi-auto firing; especially if you play in areas that highly discourage or disallow full auto firing if you're not using an LMG platform.

The motor wires and battery wires it comes with are fairly long, which will allow you to customize how long you want your wires to be once the whole thing is put together, which I might add is very simple.

Just make sure you're happy with the wire length you need, especially when setting up the motor wires, before you cut them to size. It will save you a lot of time. I didn't do this, and my red wire came up short to what I needed it so I had to order a new one. Don't be me!

Measure twice, cut once.

And it eliminates a few springs required in a traditional V2 gearbox.

Do note that although it says it does eliminate the need for an anti-reversal latch, I say keep it in. As after each cycle it will then reset itself in the sense that the spring will push the piston forward. Not sure how you users will feel about it, but I didn't like it too much. So I've kept it in.

I've been using this system for over a year now, and I'm glad that I bought it.

With the exception of the fact that the FET and cabling itself takes up space in my buffer tube (not enough to lose a star, however) I love it. It has so many options, comes with the capability of running deans or tamia right off the bat, and it's easy to install.

If you're looking for something that doesn't require any soldering or anything complicated, this is definitely a great buy.
Date Added: 11/22/2015 by Jonathan Dang