ASC™ V6 Neo Pad

  • Model: SRBO-V6-NEOPAD
  • Shipping Weight: 0.001kgs
  • Manufactured by: Airsoft Store Canada


Are you using a home-made piston head with self-made holes? Does your piston head have poorly cut vents? Are you worried that your sorbo will get chewed up and destroy itself overtime? Are you looking for that extra little space to correct AoE?

This product is for you!

This also has the side benefit of allowing you to fine-tune your angle of engagement of your piston without having to add additional mass to the piston assembly via washers, thus prolonging its life.

Simply glue this pre-cut neoprene pad on the other side of your sorbo pad and extend it's life to INFINITY! (Sorry REAPS... we had to....)

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