Lonex POM Ventilated Piston Head

  • Model: GB-01-10B
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  • Manufactured by: Lonex


Polyoxymethylene (POM) piston head made by Lonex with ball-bearings.

Polyoxymethylene is a low-wearing, low-friction, high-strength and lightweight plastic. Its properties make it an excellent material for a piston head. Other manufacturers use polycarbonate, which is also lightweight and high-strength, but is extremely brittle and will shatter leading to catastrophic failures.

This particular example by Lonex features a flat face with 6 large counter-sunk ventilation holes drilled into the face. What does this mean? It means that compared with other piston heads, the larger ventilation holes allow the o-ring to expand earlier on in the piston stroke. The flat face of the piston distributes the impact of the over a larger area, decreasing likelihood of piston head breakage. Lastly, the face design of this piston head means that your sorbo pad is less likely to wear down.

So why a non-aluminum piston head? Simple! It decreases the weight of the piston. Less mass = faster cycle speed = higher ROF.

Note: We noticed some of these heads have a tiny bit of flash under the ports from drilling, we would recommend you to remove the piston o-ring and clean this off with a razor blade before installation. Airflow would be improved greatly if done so.

Tip: For even higher ROF, don't use the bearings that come with this piston head. Instead, use a bearing spring guide only as it takes the weight off the piston assembly.

This piston head can take up to an M170 spring and up if paired with a sorbo pad. How do we know? One of our DMRs run it.

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