16AWG MILSPEC Silver-Coated Teflon Wire - Per Foot

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Most "airsoft high performance wire" compromise between size and flexibility by using 18 gauge wire. This means that you're not getting the most amps from your battery to your motor. So while it may be easy to work with, flexible and have higher strand count than "normal" AEG wiring, it's not exactly "high performance".

This 16 gauge PTFE (Teflon)-insulated, silver-plated wire, meets MIL-W-16878E/4 Type E as well as MIL-STD-104 military specifications and is used in military and aerospace applications. It has an operating temperature range of -65 to 200C and is stable up to 600V. We figured if it's good enough for hooking up mission-critical instrumentation for military and aerospace, it's good enough for airsoft! The size, strand-count, durability and gauge rating strikes the perfect balance to be used in every airsoft build.

Because this wire has thin-wall insulation, the overall outer diameter of the wire is thin enough to run through the tightest areas of the gun unlike traditional silicon wire or normal AEG wire. No more tearing of wires at the motor entry point or fighting to route through outer barrel grommets. Despite it being quite thin, teflon insulation offers extreme chemical inertness and resistance to chemical attack, low friction, and high abrasion resistance compared to comparable insulators on the market (ie: silicone or nylon). It is far less prone to stripping or ripping of the insulator.

The conductor is silver-plated copper for excellent conductivity and ease of soldering. It features high-strand count, high-gauge wire inside so the wire is very flexible and easy to work with. All of our guns are built using this wire and it's a joy to use.

The wire is sold PER FOOT, but orders will be shipped in continuous lengths. For example, if you place 6 in the cart, one continuous length of 6 feet will be sent to you.
** Same great wire to the same milspec as our black wire, just a different colour **

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