Why we stock Lonex

Why we stock Lonex:

There are many different manufacturers to choose from, but at Airsoft Store Canada we like to be selective and only stock products we know to be the best in their class. We think Lonex are currently the best large manufacturer of internal parts in airsoft. This is for two reasons: Excellent build quality combined with affordable pricing.

Every Lonex part we’ve chosen to stock is made to a really high standard, almost every single part they make is better than almost everything else out there, and this includes Systema, Modify, King Arms and Deep Fire. Of course there ARE manufacturers who really are the cream of the crop but you would be paying exorbitant sums of money (more on that later). Visually comparing their parts to other manufacturers, it’s immediately obvious that the quality of their molding and machining is extremely high. Consistency is one of their major strengths, as they employ strict quality control measures to make sure that only perfectly finished products leave the factory. These parts have been on the market for some time now, which has given airsoft mechanics a chance to put their products to the test on a large scale. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with their components now being favoured even in extremely high performance setups. Their POM piston heads for example are now the most commonly recommended for use in high speed builds.

But the reason we’ve decided to stock Lonex parts is that they have combined this incredible build quality with very affordable pricing. You don’t need to spend huge sums of money in order to make the most of your airsoft gun. You can build an amazing AEG which is extremely reliable, will outperform most if not all other guns at your field and won’t cost you an outrageous amount. Price is not always proportional to quality, and Lonex are an excellent example of this fact.

In short, you are getting high end quality at mid-range prices.