Lipo C Ratings??

So what is the C rating on the lipo battery denote?

Typically higher is always better, all other factors being the same (voltage - expressed in V, and Capacity - expressed in mAH)

The C rating will help you to calculate how many amps the battery can discharge safely, but it's not used alone!

To find out the amp rating on the battery, the equation is C rating x Capacity (maAH
For example, a 20C 4000mah battery will give 20C * 4000mAH = 80000mA = 80Amps

Typically when you see only one C value for the battery, it's the manufacturer's rating of the constant discharge rate. This is not representative of the BURST current that the pack is capable of. Typically you double the constant current to get the peak burst current the pack can give.

So there you have it. Higher C != better battery, Higher C AND a higher capacity = better battery