Magpul - ACM or PTS?

What's the difference between ACM Magpul and Magpul PTS??

With the recent surge of knockoffs, not only is it hard to tell the real from the fake, but often the good quality fakes from the bad ones. We carry only the highest-quality ACM Magpul parts as tested by us, and if the knockoff is not up to our standards, we stock the real deal or don't stock it at all. What this means is that you can shop with peace of mind knowing that we've done the hard work for you - that you don't have to buy 3 of the same part trying to find the best one for the best price. It's all here.

However, having said that, there are differences between even the best ACM Magpul copies and the PTS counterpart.

Typically Magpul PTS has a more true colour shade to the real steel counterparts. However, even real steel Magpul parts have colour variations between batches, so we're not sure if the previous statement holds sufficient merit. This of course is a non-issue for black-coloured parts. Typically ACM Magpul colours are a shade darker than the PTS versions (Dark Earth and Foliage Green). The MS3 slings are identical as far as we can see.

All of the ACM Magpul items we carry in our store has been diligently inspected by us to ensure that the materials quality used is identical to that of Magpul PTS as a minimum. Based on the feedback we've received on the ACM Mapgul products we've sold, they feel, weigh and even smell the same as the PTS counterparts. Sometimes the ACM Magpul parts are better quality than the Magpul PTS counterparts (ie: PTS UBR stock, ASAP plates, etc).

Almost all of the ACM Magpul parts we carry carry the same quality standards as the Magpul PTS equivalents. Items are evaluated on fit, finish, functionality, colour and consistency. We're only stocking items that meet our standards. Period. If there is anything worth mentioning regarding any of the criteria above, then it will be explicitly stated in the listing. No surprises.